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Under my Skin is an intense role playing game about faith, love and commitment. Third in the trilogy of Three Quick Games about the Human Heart (along with Breaking the Ice and Shooting the Moon), this game debuted at the Playcollective Booth at GenCon Indy, 2008.

A group of friends get together and secret loves and passions erupt. Partners and lovers have to face up to their fears and jealousies as they find that time has taken its toll on their relationships. Passions rage and lovers see whether their relationships will last or crumble under the pressures of temptation over a potential new love.

This game is written in two forms: a live form which uses techniques inspired by the scandinavian Jeep Form tradition and a tabletop role playing game version, included in the book, which is in development.

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[Under my Skin]...got under my skin. Now, with pictures!

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